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Phrase exclaimed by those working in fried chicken restaurants when they don't know what else to say

(Like, "Oh, sorry, my mistake)
**As witnessed at an actual Popeyes by T. Dale Shaw**

Elderly Woman: I called in an order for 300 pieces of chicken.

Popeyes Worker: (audible smack) Is dat fo here o to goes?

EW: Honey, I can't eat 300 pieces of chicken.

PW: Bitch, I don't know your life.
by dilbear February 25, 2005

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Phrase that preceeds anything spoken by Bob Bales III.
John: Hey, Bob, how you livin?

Bob: Oh, dude...I'm livin.
by dilbear May 24, 2004

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Comeback to anything dorogatory.
Thousand: Shaq sucks, nag.

Steve: Your daddy sucks.
by dilbear May 27, 2004

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The best team in the KFFL.
J.T. Arpent: Blue Laser is really a much better team than Damage Inc, Demolition Kings, Benz-Ballers and definatly the Mighy Duck Shirts. And what a great name...

B. Jeansong: (to himself) I wish I was as clever and intelligent as those Berteaus.

Cabellero: Quack.
by dilbear July 27, 2004

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