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Someone who is defined as hot, but only because of the lack of options enforced by your place of work.

Being stuck in work tends to add 2 or 3 points in the "out of ten" rating system.
Cheryl is looking office hot today. If she was in the street I probably wouldn't look twice tho.
by Paul Alford September 21, 2007
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that generic plain looking girl/guy at your office that is only attractive because everyone else there is ugly
JIm: So what do you think of her?
Ben: the new girl julie is only office hot. she's like a 7 at the office but really a 4 at most outside.
by theRetentacling February 8, 2017
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Some who is: Office Hot, is a women, usually in the workplace like an office. She gains a few extra points out of 10 in her hotness rating, this is because she does not have much competition from other women in the office when judging her attractiveness.
Any hot women where you work? Or are they just office hot?

I had a wank over this girl in work. I've just seen her down the supermarket and I now feel disgusted with myself.
by Pizza Man 26 April 6, 2018
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when someone in a given group of people (typically an office, or workplace environment) is the hottest within the group, but is objectively ugly.

one might be tricked into dating said person because the other people in the environment are uglier by comparison.
Tony: "Dude, don't date Melissa, she's only office hot."
Steve: "Thanks man. Didn't realize at first, but she's definitely a 4."
by marblecakealsothegame13 August 23, 2021
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