The act of sending unsolicited dick pictures or unwarranted sexual acts via direct message, text message, facetime or email without the prior and full consent of the recipient. This typically happens as an attempt to garner a woman's interest in entering into sexual activities, but rarely ends positively.
Dave slid in my DM's with a picture of his dick without me even asking for it...I've just experienced ocular rape.
by TheSexGoddess March 15, 2016
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a condition when your optic nerve gets wrapped around your asshole, giving you a shitty outlook on life
My boss yelled at several people for no reason this week, just because he's fighting with his ol' lady. It seems like he's developed a case of ocular rectitus
by bilijohn December 20, 2017
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Ocular Penetration is when a man pops out the eyeball of his victim, then proceeds to fuck the eye socket with his erect penis. This is sometimes confused to be skull fucking but they are two different sexual activities.
Most girls prefer a good Ocular Penetration right after church.
by Harold Ramis October 8, 2009
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When your eyes lodge in your ass and give you a shitty outlook on life.
You have a bad case of Ocular recticitis, if you complain about having to pay taxes after winning a million dollars.
by Starmon July 29, 2011
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When you skull fuck a girl in the eye aka an ej
I totally,totes ma gotes, got mad ocular penitration from that bitch with the eye patch
by STLballaG March 31, 2009
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Using your eyes to undress someone other than your partner. Generally done on the sly while with your partner.
I had some crazy ocular infidelity staring at those cheerleaders while Jen and I were at the game.
by BillHo May 8, 2011
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