the scientific term for skull fucking.
were you rip out someones eye and then make sweet sweet love to the eye socket.
yo you wanna go ocular penitration someone tonight?.....pirates do it all the time.
by jesse tomasello December 7, 2008
The somewhat superhuman bouncer ability to look at someone and know if they are a threat.
Mac: I did an ocular pat down and I cleared him. i did an ocular assessment of the situation garnered that he was not a security risk and i cleared him for passage.
by cmack 2406 October 23, 2012
When a woman appears to be hot with sunglasses on, but soon as she takes them off, becomes tremendously less hot
Ben spots a beautiful girl walking into a building so he followed inside to talk to her, but when he walked in he immediately left because she had removed her sunglasses and revealed the ocular distortion factor.
by Captian McAwesomeville March 28, 2012
The area in which you are able to see directly in front of you. Everything your eye is able to see in your current field of vision.
by SkinZnikS July 18, 2013
The act of squeezing eyeballs for erotic gratification.
"I was ocular choking the fuck out of Jenny last night then my fingers came up all red."

"Poor Jenny."
by Yulio's Urethra August 12, 2017
when a man ejaculates inside of a womans eye. Preferably as she looks right at his penis hole.
Hey, why didn't you go to BBYO today? I was too busy giving my girlfriend an ocular job!
by bbyoincorp March 2, 2011