October 21 is a national hold hand day❤️Hold hand everywhere❣️ If you want hug every time I see them💕 if you have a boyfriend
October 21 is the best day ever❤️
by Dating National October 17, 2019
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October 21 is national bring shredded cheese to school day
Yo bermelsa, you ready for October 21, National bring shredded cheese to school?
by Bruce limonberg October 19, 2019
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When it’s October 21 you have to give 2 people your hoodie Every 2 days!!
If you don’t then you’ll get slapped in the head. So I suggest you to do it especially when it comes to girls😂
Person 1: Yo! Give me your hoodie it’s October 21

Person 2: Uh I didn’t bring it

National Give someone your hoodie day!!

Person: I’ll give it to you tomorrow

Person 2: Okay! You better

October 21
by Someone from planet Earth October 17, 2019
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Slap your tallest best friend in the face day
I’m going to slap you
Tall best friend: no
It’s October 21
Tall best friend: fine ughh
by Jj Rowling October 19, 2019
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(National Make a Move Day)

October 21st is the day to build up enough courage to make a move on your crush. That can be giving them a hug, asking for their hoodie, asking for their number - maybe slipping your number into their journal. Give them a kiss for gods sake if you’re feeling real adventurous.
Emily: *goes up to Daryl* hey, so it’s like really ummm,.... cold, would you mind if I borrowed your hoodie?
Daryl: umm yeah sure *starts catching feeling*
Siera: Damn, i ship it

Siera to Emily: where’d u get the idea to make a move
Emily: urban dictionary, it’s October 21st
by ghostface October 19, 2019
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Hurt a vsco girl with her hydro flask for a day!
I threw it back on that girl on October 21 with a hydroflask
by Unicornlover2 October 18, 2019
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