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wonderful charismatic and yet enigmatic man. The 8th son ov a man. Shortened name for Octavius Emperor of Ancient Rome (Aurelius Octavius).

The name of that wonderful guy is Octavio. In ancient Rme it would be the 8th son of a man
by octaio ddddd May 21, 2008
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One of the best human beings to ever come about. He listens to you, he cares for you, he'll tell you how it is, and his hugs are the best. He also has an amazing taste in music, and he's one of the funniest people to ever hit the planet.
Oh my gosh, my best friend is such an Octavio!
by CricketTheLittle October 25, 2010
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He is very extra with his reactions and that's the way he is! He doesn't like drama cause it's gives him stress acne. He has a lot of bestfriends because it breaks his heart to choose between people. He is very friendly with people, if he doesn't like you, you'll know if he doesn't.
omg he has 5 bestfriends and he is so extra, he is such an Octavio!
by octonauts August 19, 2017
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When a straight guy turn gay for head
Crackhead : ill suck your dick

Octavio : fuck it ain't gay if I say no homo
by ActiveNiggas August 07, 2017
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