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That nigga that's cool and funny. And gets down for his niggas. Loves to fight and trap (walk around). He a leader not follower. He has a perfect smile and he's always there for you. He's caring lovable and sweet and will stick up for you. He's also been through a lot in his past but is still strong. A Octavius is the boy of your dreams.
Octavius said Don't touch him watch out before I stick yo ass.
by Dallas Ray February 24, 2014
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Octavius is the sweetest most coolest guy ever he has the biggest dick and he will call in love with a special girl and he has the best abs and can really beat a niggahs ass anyday and he has siblings and his personality rocks and not to mention he's fine
Octavius is finee
by Bigdick2356782975 January 10, 2017
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