1. A type of programming, that allows users to program in modular pieces.

2. A type of sexual fetish, where the afflicted insists on using foriegn items found around the house in order to heighten sexual pleasure.
1. C++ is my favorite object-oriented programming language.

2. Ozkirbus is just too object-oriented in the orgies for anyone to feel safe and have a good time.
by DjLowballer April 10, 2005
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the stimulation or manipulation of one’s own ego by way of using object-oriented code in places where it has no advantage instead resulting in unnecessary complication and bloat.
Objective: Sum two numbers and print the result in the format “The answer is: X” where X is the sum of the two numbers:

Object-oriented masturbation solution:

function MathLib(){

this.answer = null;

MathLib.prototype.sum = function (x,y){

this.answer = x + y;

MathLib.prototype.getAnswer = function(){

return this.answer;

function Printer(){

this.preText = ”;

Printer.prototype.setPreText = function(str){

this.preText = str;

Printer.prototype.out = function (str){

document.write(this.preText + str);

// To run
var math = new MathLib();
var print = new Printer();
print.setPreText(‘The answer is: ‘);
by a304681 March 7, 2010
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The most overrated and overhyped programming paradigm on earth.

Frequently leads to over-engineering and is at the moment most commonly done using the Java programming language, which has a particularly shitty brand of object-orientation. Other popular object-oriented programming languages include C++ and C#.
Idiot: Man, that's such a hard project. Let's use object-oriented programming to make out life easier.
Rock-star programmer: You're fired.
by Bluuberduck April 18, 2010
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Object-oriented programming (OOP)is a computer programming model. Unlike procedural programming, object-oriented programming uses objects to organize code. This is done with objects, classes, methods and attributes.
This approach to programming is well-suited for programs that are large, complex and actively updated or maintained.
some examples of object-oriented programming languages are: Java, C#, C++
by QuinnBitz March 21, 2023
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