Holy crap! It's Sanic! Look at how he nyooms!

For lunch, we are having pizza, so I will have to nyoom over to the cafeteria in order to get it before anyone else!
by williamazing12 January 29, 2017
Wow Dylan is really nyooming, he must be on his way to kfc.
by dylanharridge#1fan August 17, 2017
"Nyoom! There goes your life! Are you just going to sit back and watch?"
by deepthroatmesquidward January 6, 2014
Like I guess the only logical answer is when you're on the highway and a car passes by at like fucking 420MPH but that's all that would make sense
there goes that car
or dat boi
augh stop please
by Loser I guess I don't know September 5, 2016
the sound of a dank rocket flying by.
Nyoom! Went the dank rocket as it flew by.
by dylschneider10 January 30, 2017