to eat something....mostly used as a term in Jamaica
Mi feel seh mi can nyam sum fish.

~~~>>(English)- I feel like i can eat some fish
by #1QueenBee July 3, 2005
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Australian slang.
i) An onomatopoeia used to describe the noise made when eating in a drunken or extremely hungry state. Its specific origin is unknown but is believed to have derived from the word ‘yum’.
ii) Plural can be used either as a derogatory exclamation or an attempt to draw attention to oneself.
i) -"How good would sausage rolls be right now?"
-"Nyam nyam!"
ii) -"Tom just dropped his sausage roll!"
-"Nyams nyams!!"
by Word Guru May 10, 2005
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A complete and utter prick of incredible proportions, often from a ghetto or impoverished area of a first world country
(pl) 'These Nyams are cunts"
(si) 'This Nyam gon get slapped'
by kozmarama September 30, 2015
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Food, specifically tasty food, or the act of eating tasty food.
"Meat is murder. Tasty, tasty murder - nyam nyam!"
"Ooooh, bacon cupcakes? Nyam nyammm."
by Mimzywimz August 22, 2013
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Nyam nyam is a general term used to describe sexual encounters with epic levels of ecstatic pleasure. Used in general conversation to refer to situations of Fallatio, where the female participant expresses her gratitude and enjoyment with the phonetic exclamation “NYAM, NYAM” at or after the point of male climax . Its roots can be traced as being imported to South Africa by a Zimbabwean student and first used in late 2002 / 2003 in the balmy suburb of Ronderbosch, Cape Town. Further uses also refer to the pursuit of such sexual encounters, or the general enjoyment of sexual or otherwise pleasurable activities.

Further details are yet to be declassified.

1) Mission nyam nyam

2) i need some nyam nyam
by BirdCT August 7, 2008
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This is a degrading thing to tell a person, because you're telling them to eat faeces.
Go nyam shit and don't talk to me bwoy
by shandiva June 21, 2017
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