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If I were to post a definition to an online dictionary, I'd make sure I looked the word up in a proper dictionary first, to verify my spelling and definition. It's FELLATIO, moron. It's Latin. Read a book. I can't wait to see how cunnilingus is spelled...
I wanted to show off my extensive, but incorrect, knowledge of proper sex terms, so I posted fallatio to the urban dictionary. Mocking ensued.
by Sue August 11, 2004
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Sexual contack between sexual organ and mouth.
hey, between you and me.. i had a fallatio with that fit girl next door :P
by BoSviLLd December 03, 2003
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this word sucks my penis.see the O at the end? thats the mouth that sucks it

Fallatio, if u dont know yet, means to lick or suck another persons fucking utensil.
i had a fallatio with your dog
by Mr.Some Body October 23, 2006
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Did you see that Fox News fallatio interview? Hannity was like, "mmmff slurp mufff mmpff slobber."
by MATT DRUMPF July 14, 2016
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