A Puerto Rican from New York, that has more African-American urban culture than actual Boricua culture. Boricuas (Puerto Ricans from the island of Puerto Rico) have a strong dislike for Nuyoricans and wish to distance themselves from being associated with Nuyoricans.
How come that guy covered in the Puerto Rican flag can't speak Spanish?

Well he's a Nuyorican, He has 13446 flags but acts more like Jay Z than Luis Fonsi
by Lares Nene January 15, 2008
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A person of Puerto Rican descent who is born and raised in New York City and drapes himself/herself in Puerto Rican flags but can't speak Spanish, or Speaks "Spanglish," which is just as bad, if not worse. Despite proclaiming pride in Hispanic heritage through superficial means (the Puerto Rican flag, eating Rice and Beans and other staple Puerto Rican dishes), the Nuyorican actually frowns upon Hispanic culture and alligns himself/herself with Hip Hop culture instead.
Fat Joe is the epitome of a Nuyorican. Can't speak Spanish for the life of him. Dresses like Lil Wayne. Says "nigga" in every other sentence.
by ESCOXTC July 10, 2008
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n. 1: A person of Puerto Rican descent, but born/living in New York City. I.e., second generation and up Puerto Rican immigrants; a distinction between a Puerto Rican immigrant living in New York and a "Puerto Rican" who has always lived in New York.

adj. 2: Of or relating to Puerto Rican culture in New York City.

Sometimes spelled Newyorican. Can be used derisively, but shouldn't. Be nice.
It's the Nuyoricans who are really responsible for spreading reggaeton to the rest of the country.
by Nick James March 12, 2005
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A person who is of Puerto Rican descent and stay in New York
A puerto Rican man who was born in the bronx, NY and his parents or grandparents are from the beautiful island of Puerto Rican
by Jennifer Lopez May 9, 2003
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Nuyorican was a term made to describe the second generation of Puerto ricans that were actually born in america (New York) and when invented was invented to be a good thing. Nuyoricans and people that call themselves Nuyorican are usually from the streets and are "ghetto" if you will and because of this the more stuck up Puerto ricans of america's generation that havn't had to feel the struggle of their people in America associate Nuyoricans with wiggers. Which is not the case, it is rather that because hispanics and blacks in america have been the most opressed for such a long time that the cultures seem to blend and get along, however because of the stereotype created by whites a long time ago that blacks are the only ones in the hood the puerto ricans and latins that are lucky or not from the streets think that just because Nuyoricans picked up the ghetto urban style means that they want to be black.
Pedro Pietri, Miguel Piñero, Giannina Braschi, Miguel Algarín, Piri Thomas, and Sandra María Esteves.

Those Nuyoricans are a disgrace to us Boricuas.
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: a Puerto Rican living in the US, especially in New York City.

Large targets on racism by other Latino ethnicities. Mostly due to the fact that Nuyoricans have targeted foreigners with the use of violence upon their arrival to the US during the late 1980s and early '90s. Yet, Nuyoricans happen to progress a lot more leaving impoverished "hoods" behind for them to claim, and therefore others hate to admit the fact that they've grown to become competitive with Nuyoricans because the Nuyorican is the main focus of their lives. The Nuyorican Movement is a strong cultural and intellectual trend involving poets, writers, musicians and artists who are Puerto Rican or of Puerto Rican descent, who live in or near New York City, and are Nuyoricans.

Besides Nuyorican artists like Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, there are many more like Miguel Piñero, Miguel Algarín, Piri Thomas, Willie Colón, and etc. Nuyoricans are also involved in, Law, Military, Doctors, and Politics such as; The U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, along with Judge Sonia Sotomayor: Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States among many others. 70% of NASA Scientists and Astronaut Hispanics are Nuyoricans like; Joseph M. Acaba, Roberto Alemán, and etc. Latino immigrants tend to stereotype the Nuyorican with envy insults since they cannot live up to the Nuyorican expectations and unable to comprehend why Nuyoricans are not as "jibado" (hick) as they are.
"Damn check out how that couple carry themselves, they're very attractive, dress nicely yet casual and respectful, seem very happy yet they look tough enough to beat you up in a heartbeat, they seem high class, and you can tell they definitely don't live around here or they used to! They MUST be Nuyoricans probably visiting family or something."

Latino immigrant #1- "Check out those dudes."

Latino immigrant #2- "Well are they White? Are they Black? Or mixed? I never seen dudes like that before, they definitely stand out."

Latino immigrant #1- "No, they're mixed and they do embrace all their races but they're Nuyoricans, they're not even from around here anymore but you can tell they used to live out here when Puerto Ricans once dominated these streets but they all moved out to do better."

Latino immigrant #2- "Ohhh so those are them!! I always heard of them but I actually thought they looked different since all I see are the junkie ones left behind, or the little young ones with single mothers, those tend to look like Metro-Sexuals because they're busy copying us since their 'OGs have left... Damn, I wouldn't "F" wit those dudes though, therefore, I would rather talk "S" about them from all the way over here OR on Social Media so that their young ones wouldn't know how outstanding their blood really is because then they'll hurt us."
by Mike Ock April 19, 2019
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