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Give us some nurofen, bitch.
by Anonymous June 16, 2003
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A wicked little pill developed by Boots and making them a fortune that has/had many of us hooked as it is available over the counter in the UK and has codeine. It does relax you but it dries you up (nose, throat and elsewhere), makes you tired, constipated and takes away your sex drive. Your body builds up a resistance to it so you have to take more and more to get the same buzz. It's just not worth it.
I can't go to that branch of Boots again to get my Nurofen Plus fix cause I just went there yesterday and they know me.
by hotchix0r November 5, 2005
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The art of beating yourself off so much that it hurts, but you also get the pleasure of shooting your load. This can also be achieved after violently stabbing yourself whilst masturbating hense the name Nurofen Wank as pain/relief
Greg - "My cock hurts so much"
Martin - "Whys that Greg did you score some mean pussy last night?"
Greg - "Nah I just had a major Nurofen Wank"
Martin - "Your fucking crazy"
by Martin and Greg January 10, 2008
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"man everything seems so calm after i took sum of dat NUROFEN PLUS!
by mastamind August 3, 2005
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