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A var. form of the word "another". used generally in the construction trades to request, or determine the need for, additional materials. As an adjective, it modifies the given item. See example as it relates to the cement block.
A mason's tender wonders if his mason needs an additional cement block. He calls out to the mason, "nurn?". The mason replies "nurn". Indicating he needs an additional block.
by Triplettt August 07, 2010
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nurn (v.): To attempt to continue a task after a cat has placed itself in the way.
"You guys can't believe the nurn going on here ... both cats are trolling around my keyboard :)"
by jen2000 July 16, 2008
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An affectionate act where two people bump their foreheads together.
Started off as a typo that deserved a meaning.
Violenta nurned ^Azrael^
by Violenta August 10, 2004
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The name given to the southern regions of Mordor, more fertile than Gorgoroth in the north, in which the great inland Sea of Nรบrnen lay.
Whilst playing Shadow of Mordor, I fell in love with Nurn's landscape.
by Nurn February 16, 2017
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