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A seemingly worthless small rural town full of gossiping hicks located in NY. Rumors spread throughout the town within a matter of minutes. Home to a 24/7 Sugar Creek, Shurfine, Peanut Butter Factory and a Dollar General. Located within the town is Keshequa High School with about 200 students. Population does not exceed 2000.

Pronounced: Nun-day
Lets all go sit on our porches in Nunda and watch the cars go by like all the other normal porch monkeys in this world.
by Jammal Wanna Mike Octen December 28, 2007
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1. a made up word to suit any occasion, to answer any question without giving a valid answer, or without having any purpose or meaning.

2. another made up word designated to the pseudo name for Ben. origionated at the Samuel residence.
1 A. Lets go climb Lady Face... nunda
B. Nunda is an alcoholic.

2 A. Q- do you want to smoke a blunt
A- Nunda!
B. A- Nunda is insane.

by Gangsta A September 01, 2006
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