When someone is acting stupid, and or retarded and won't stop. Getting on someone's nerves for acting like a child, or just trying to be annoying, and will not act serious
Austin is acting like such a nub, because he drank to much tonight
by nubbin6969 April 28, 2011
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For all the tards out there that use this term loosely, or explain at length how it "originated in online gaming" - whatever.

"Nub" is a Navy submariner term for those who are new to the sub and don't know how to do anything yet (and thus unqualified in submarines)

Thus "nub" means "non-useful body" get it right, or don't use it.
Dude, he didn't know how to do that, he's still a nub.
by drewbe April 27, 2007
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another word for newbie used by skilled people who play counter-strike
by turbo juice May 19, 2003
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A definition similar to noob or n00b, who is someone who does not know anything about a topic. A nub is someone who has been doing something for a while and has had the opportunity to learn it, and they usually claim they know a lot about the topic, but they still don't know much about the topic.
The guy at rathcast.com is a total nub. He claims he knows sooooo much about computers, but his website is atrocious and he doesn't know a thing I don't know.
by starbucks95905 April 06, 2008
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The outline of a man's genitalia often seen due either to the owner of said nub's shorts being too tight or an awkward arrangement having been made of the shaft and/or sac. Common signs of a Nub are when you see what looks as though it is a miniature erection. This is not to be mistaken with an actual erection because in no way is the owner of the nub aroused, often times he is more embarrassed for his poor choice in shorts or placement of shaft. There currently is no known cure for chronic nub syndrome other than to invest in new clothes, start a new habit of placement, or to find friends who enjoy such sights.
-Cross Country Team Practice With Short shorts-

The Coach- "Alright boys sweats off, go run 10miles"

Runner- *taking off his sweats to reveal his new pair of shorts* "alright coach, lets do this!"

Team Member- *noticing his nub immediately* "no way your going out there like that! Your packing the biggest nub ive seen in years!"

Coach- "It's called self-respect! Put your sweats back on, your off the team! No one wants to see that shit."
by Chaboooy February 09, 2014
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an acronym for an unqualified submarine sailor
u- useful
by sts3 August 19, 2004
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