a nub who's failures exceed all other nubs in their immediate area, thus making them the "biggest nub" or the "icing on the cake of nubs" They tend to not only be horrible at whatever it is they are doing, but also have no idea that they are horrible at it. They are such nubs that they are capable of bringing down even the most elite when present. They are dangerously idiotic.
Person 1: I put Caity on our team to even out the game.
Person 2: Makes sense, she's a nub and we are decent players.
Person 1: Yeah, but she's the only nub on our team and she's
brought our score down more than the team of all nubs
Person 2: Wow, what a nub cake.
by Honest Justice May 28, 2006
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a wordnub/word. in fact, its a very big nub. one greater than all other nubs. his stupidity should be feared.
1. man, only nub cakes hit parked cars....while walking.
2. oh, ok nub cake. way to go. i told you to keep it in your pants.
by raging nub cake January 8, 2003
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a person who sucks at a game or activity
omfg that nub cake cant shoot straight!
by slimy poo August 15, 2007
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A "nub cake" is a player in a online multiplayer computer game who has the least skill out of anyone playing. The usually also have limited knowledge of the game they are playing, but this is not always the case. "Nub" is a shortening if the term "newbie," and "cake" is used because everybody eats cake, much like how everyone kills a nub cake.
Player: I have a 1:3 kill death ratio...
1337 h4x0r: that's b/c u r teh nub cake!
by Sgt. Dopefish ;) October 14, 2005
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a massive nub like cole leoni
Jeff O'Brien is a nub cake.
by DOCO April 29, 2008
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stavros stefan billy and chris suck at online games
when stavros stefan billy and chris all get pwned in the brain by a sniper in call of duty 4.
Stefan"we are all nubcakes."
stavros "i know we are nubcakes."
Billy "but i am the biggest nub cake"
chris "ya u definatly r"
by stavros o February 7, 2008
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