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a nub who's failures exceed all other nubs in their immediate area, thus making them the "biggest nub" or the "icing on the cake of nubs" They tend to not only be horrible at whatever it is they are doing, but also have no idea that they are horrible at it. They are such nubs that they are capable of bringing down even the most elite when present. They are dangerously idiotic.
Person 1: I put Caity on our team to even out the game.
Person 2: Makes sense, she's a nub and we are decent players.
Person 1: Yeah, but she's the only nub on our team and she's
brought our score down more than the team of all nubs
Person 2: Wow, what a nub cake.
by Honest Justice May 27, 2006

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Sex between two virgins, or just plain awful sex. Stems from poor knowledge or experience in sexual situations. Akward and unpleasant, both parties are left disatisfied and sometimes depressed.
Caity will still be having nub sex at age 32.
by Honest Justice May 27, 2006

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A stage in life in which a normal person undergoes the initial changes that will eventually lead to nubhood or their coming into nubhood. Similar to Puberty only it tends to work in reverse, they become weaker, less coordinated and ultimately suck at life, thus they become a nub.
He was such a cool guy, athletic and smart, then all of a sudden he lost 30 pounds and started sucking at Halo... he must be going through Nuberty or something.
by Honest Justice May 28, 2006

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Having an angry or frustrated undertone (written) Riddled with angry tonal inflexes, marked by vitriolic sarcasm and obscene interjections (spoken)
person 1: Did you hear the floor debates in Congress.
person 2: Yeah man, they were fucking brilliant! I can't believe those nub cakes, shit!
person 1: Wow, man, don't be so grrrsive!
by Honest Justice June 20, 2006

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