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Often found to be wearing burbery cap and clothing accesories, driving at high revs in low gears, and trying to race people in much better cars.
Oh, there is a nova following me, I'd better start using 3rd, 4th and 5th gear!!
by Budj June 12, 2004
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An irritating Chav or Pikey who insist on driving shit old cars (Mainly Nova's, Corsa's Fiesta's, anything with excessive rust etc) and usually with badly fitted and unpainted bodykits, oversized exhausts and other stick on crap they can get from Halfords or Max Power, bought with their Giro. These idiots can often be found playing Happy Hardcore or also be playing the new, ever so popular with the girls, Chav Chav Slide by DJ Casper.

They can often be found lurking round Macdonalds and Schools, picking up their 12 year old bird.
by Mark April 14, 2004
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A person who insists on driving a shitty nova with a shite stereo and everything else you would never do to your own car, peaked cap a must!!! with S CLUB 7 blasting out with your pregnant 12 year old passengers thinking your well ard!
VROOOOOOOOOOOOM look at that nova boy, what a nob.

Oh my god look at the state of that nova boys car
by G555 August 09, 2004
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