Coming from the Spanish words "novio/novia", meaning "boyfriend, girlfriend", nov is a shortened way of referring to a loved one or someone special.

Can be used loosely as a noun (most often), verb, and even adjective.
"I missed nov today."

"What a nov."

"Not a very nov thing to do."

"Nov one like nov."
by novforever April 2, 2015
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some one is novice in actions that they do.
Your so nov.
by Anonymous June 9, 2003
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One who is, at any given moment, in the state or condition of being a novice. Can be used as a noun or an adjective.
That assclown who tried to pick a fight with me was such a nov.

This party is so nov, let's go somewhere better and rage.
by Schlomo February 27, 2005
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North of Vag. A term coined by one of Jim Wendler's friends. Being north of vag means not being a pussy and getting things done.
I stopped reading Men's Health and started using 5/3/1 to train so I am now officially NOV!
by Oldmerovingian February 29, 2012
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A word used to make me win scrabble
Me: Nov is a word!
Them: No its not!
Me: It is now, google it!
Me: ~ wins game ~
by Sjneejxifbwnakxjc December 17, 2021
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november 12 its national kiss a person day or hug them
bro im finna fo kiss my crush today since its nov 12
by herestheteasis October 22, 2019
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