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A common word used by internet trolls, to reply to every insult or roast, or to simply use it for fun. Actually meaning "no u infinity", it is used to indicate the more funny version of no u, a phrase used by kids to defend themselves against every insult in the world.

This word is seen frequently used in the Jailbreak Discord Server, from where it originated.
Originally created by Roblox user and Discord LMaDer, BlueJellyJJ and RealSw1ft.
Troll: hellou you stinky kid, ure mom noob haha xd
Kid: no u!!!!
Troll: noui...
Kid: *leaves chat*
by DarthVader1650 May 30, 2018
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Term for a big haired, 70's bush type who is too trendy to conform to the regular cut. Also enjoys 70's disco to match that fro. Has a tendancy to take it from behind, allowing for maximum fro tugging.
Hey Kevin! Did Sandra let you take it out back yesterday?
-Yeah Man! What a noui!

Hey Sandra! Do you want to go for a wax tomorrow?
-No Lauren, I'm going noui.
by juicybananas December 09, 2013
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