Untrimmed female pubic hair, usually rather long and widespread, often as far as the legs and stomach. Refers to the trend in the 70s of women not shaving or trimming their body hair.
Women with 70's bush should not be walking around in daisy dukes or miniskirts.
by Leah February 20, 2004
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I ain't going down on her anymore without a Dustbuster. Last time I did, I was hocking up hairballs for a week, cuz she's got 70's bush.
by your mom September 07, 2003
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70's style pubic hair that is unkempt and out of control.
Guy 1: So I finally got to see Sarah naked last night.
Guy 2: Nice! How kept are the greens?
Guy 1: Not kept at all, she had That 70's Bush.
Guy 2: Damn...
by Tom Ganks July 24, 2013
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an overflow of pubic hair on a woman's genitals, often seen in 1970's era pornography films.
To my dismay, I pulled her panties down to reveal a huge 70's Style Bush.
by Anonymous April 11, 2003
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