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A sharp and witty comeback suitable for any situation when you hear someone doubting themselves. Was once used exclusively by the likes of parents, teachers, and coaches as a means of inspiration, but has now been introduced into peer to peer situations as a way of mocking one anothers' piss-poor attitudes.
Jerry: Man, I will never be able to find a good job!

Paul: Not with that attitude, you won't!

Lisa: I'll never get John to give me a Las Vegas Chainsaw!

Jennifer: Not with that attitude!
by unkle_ruckus July 29, 2010
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Something to say to anyone when they ask for something rudely;\
Your kid: Mama/Dad I want some pizza
You: Not with that attitude

Customer: I need some milk

You: Not with that attitude
by Otaku693 January 07, 2017
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