The internet is not a big truck that you just dump something in- it's a series of tubes!
by whetstone December 29, 2006
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I tried to send you an email yesterday but the big truck wasn't working so the message was never sent.
by gnawfish August 27, 2006
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1. when someone with a small dick compensates by driving around in a large truck or a hummer or something
2. compensation for a lack of confidence with big talk, large wads of cash, trophy women
3. a dickless wonder
Stan: Check out my new big, red truck. Impressive, ain't it?
Bob: Whaddaya got big truck syndrome or sumfin'? Big truck, little penis ... ha!
by big kiss June 2, 2006
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A syndrome normally found with white guys who compensate for their tiny genitals or being heavily inbred by owning a loud, jacked-up truck, getting violent over petty shit and other retarded reasons.
"You saw that guy with the mustache, ponytail and his giant truck?"

"Oh yeah, that asshole that threatened to kill that guy on a bike over leaning on some other guy's truck?"

"Yeah, he's got Big Truck Syndrome."
by The Painful Reality August 12, 2020
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A truck typically driven by males throughout the southern and mid-western regions of the United States, the big ol' truck is considered a symbol of manliness in these regions. Many big ol' trucks are decorated with NASCAR or Git-r-done stickers. Owners of big ol' trucks routinely drive their trucks around in muddy fields in a leisure activity known as muddin'. The amount of mud one is able to plaster over the surface of one's truck is a prime determiner of the social hierarchy in some areas, and getting one's big ol' truck hung up so badly that someone else has to come pull it out with a chain is a very typical male bonding experience. Such experiences are glorified in some country music pieces, though they are painted in a more heterosexual light. Men who own or whose family's have been known to own specific makes and models of trucks often have very rigid opinions about their specific truck and are often very critical of other makes and models. Numerous debates on such subjects are very typical elements of conversation.
Jim Bob:"Hey there Leroy, you wanna come check out mah big ol' truck?"
Leroy: "Awright, man, what you got goin' on now?"
Jim Bob:"I finally got me a Dodge Ram twenty five hunnert SLT Diesel Big Horn Edition. Its real big."
Leroy: "Shiiiittt, man, I bet you really tearin' up them fields now, boy."
Jim Bob: "Yea, buddy, but the uther day I was foolin' around up there in that field offa Mason Road and I got hung up real bad in a ditch as deep as the height of yer' garage door here. Ol' George had come pull me right outta that thing with a heavy duty chain."
Leroy: "Yea, he's got one a them Ford ef' two fifty Triton Diesel V8 superduty kingcab jobbies don't he. That sonofabitch could pull anything outta anything."
Jim Bob: "Yea, probly, but I tell ya what, them Fords is still junk."
Leroy: "I hear ya there boy."
by Leroy' Jenkins' May 11, 2007
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A large penis.

Popularised by Cardi B with her song 'WAP' and unreleased track titled 'Big Mack Truck'
by Insert First and Last August 14, 2020
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Used to express disdain for something deemed stupid or obvious, especially a self-evident remark.

This phrase was started with the blonde joke where a blonde calls the fire department because her home is on fire. When the person asked how to find her house she replied "Duh, the big red truck outside."
A woman walks out of her house to her car with her keys in her hand. A man calls out to her, "Going on a drive?"
To which she replies, "Duh, big red truck."
by Noodles84 September 21, 2006
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