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1. Everyone who in fact is not Sally, Emily for example
2. Literary character "Not Sally" from the Books "Not Sally and the Agents of DUCK" and "Not Sally and the Pirate's Treasure." "not Sally is the main character in these books and gets her name from an amnesiac person who calls himself Steve and trips over her. Steve, not knowing her name asks if her name is Sally and since her name is not Sally and Steve is a stranger will not tell him her real name. Steve goes on to call her "Not Sally" for lack of a better name and even though eventually he discovers her real name continues to refer to her as "Not Sally" or NS for short.
“Uhm, ok Steve, I’m good. So what am I doing here and if you didn’t give me the bump on my head, who did and why am I in front of this what I can only describe as a shed talking to a guy who calls himself Steve and me Not Sally?”
by Glenjamin Franklin March 24, 2018
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1) Not Sally in the vernacular almost requires no definition as it is everyone who is not Sally.
2) Not Sally is a literary character and the heroin of the Mystery Adventure Series "Not Sally." Her real name is Nancy and she solves mysteries and goes on adventures with her father Not Steve whose name is actually Bob.
I’m not going down that rabbit hole again, we exist, I am Steve, you are Not Sally, I have amnesia and we are lost. -Not Sally and the Agent's of Duck
by Glenjamin Franklin May 11, 2018
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