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a school half full of future-sexually active redneck 10 year olds and half rich kids that are not fucking prepared for the real world, and get chik-fil-a everyday. half the rich kids are gay as shit, and probably will never admit it, however they all hump each other in the hallways. rednecks probably wear confederate flag underwear and worship kim davis. trump would probably love this middle school.
Zach: are there any gay schools around here, Ben?
Ben: go to north middle school!
by blanketsforlife September 06, 2016
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Filled with 3 groups the preps the weirdo/scary kids and then the kids that are their just minding their damm own buissnes. North Middle School has hoes that break their backs to look thicc. The teachers there are eathier really nice or super mean there is NO in between. Hella kids there smoke, juul, and get drunk every weekend they all do it together to. Most of the girls that go their are bitches to people and half the guys that go there are gay jurks! Most of people that you make friends with there are fake! So don't make friends. So if you ever go to North Middle School its gonna be a heck of a time so have fun....
Hannah: I really wanna do an essay on the fakest school in the


Savannah: oh just do it on North Middle School trust me you will have a lot to say!

Hannah:Your so very welcome hope you get an A+

by Aragonus March 18, 2019
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