Small town that nobody has ever heard of except for the few that live there located in central chisago county in Minnesota. They are starting to get bigger and are building a shopko. They have too many banks and gas stations and nothing to do except for a theater and a gay ass jj's bowling ally that smells like smoke.
by Yudguder July 11, 2008
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Small little one horsetown to the east of minnesota. Very lame place to live. With nothing to do there, but get high, drunk, or something incredibly stupid.
North Branch is the lamest town on earth.
by samantha d. blair July 11, 2008
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a small hole in the wall town that's majority farming. the schools are complete shit filled with cunt jocks, annoying hicks, weird fucking nerds, wanna be emos, trannies, and the minority of normal people. if you dislike country music you will be shunned but overall a fucking shitty place to be
"wow north branch fucking sucks!"
"yeah it does!"
by HICKSLAYER May 04, 2018
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