Number II in Kingdom Heart's Organization XIII. Also known as "The Freeshooter". He controls Sniper Nobodies and governs over the element of gravity/space.

Xigbar's appearance includes an eye patch covering his right eye, a large scar up his left cheek and black hair with white stripes, as well as the Organization coat.

He is introduced, with his hood up, as an Organization member in Kingdom Hearts II when Sora is confronted by Organization XIII in Hollow Bastion. He's seen later in the game in Land of Dragons for a brief moment, where he removes his hood for the first time. He is later confronted in The World That Never Was in battle.

He fights with two gun like weapons that connect together to form a type of sniper rifle (edited out in the North American Version) and his attacks in battle are called Shot, Charge Shot and Ultima Shot.

He was originally known as Braig and worked as one of Ansem the Wise's apprentices.

He is voiced by Hochu Otsuka in the Japanese game and James Patrick Stuart in the English game.

Xigbar will be a playable character in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days when it's released for the Nintendo DS.
"See, that would work---if I were just any old dude. 'Cept I'm not. I'm with the Organization. Nothing "any old" about me."

Xigbar is my favorite Organization XIII member.
by Kradchan January 12, 2008
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