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Portmanteau of normie and meme. Antonym of dank meme.
A normeme is a meme which originated from a normie, which means a regular person, not necessarily aware of memes. They appear on sites where normies go such as Facebook, Twitter and Vine. Because these memes come from normies, they are far less funny than regular memes and their overuse only makes it worse. Examples of normemes include "Damn Daniel", "What are those?" and "Deez nuts".
by Namtac January 29, 2017
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A type of meme common amongst normies
Jack : yo nigga check out this new meme on IFunny
Kevin : Dude, you know Ifunnys full of normemes right?
jack : lol not this one!!!
kevin : tide pods? thats the most normeme a normeme can get
by NotoPerf January 05, 2018
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