1) neo-pronouns mainly used by closeted gay men to identify each other online.

2) also used within the piss and cnbt communities to identify what they like
example #1
"i use nor/mal pronouns"
"....this is definitely fruity"

example #2
"i use nor/mal pronouns but i'd prefer if you used nor"
"oh so you're a bottom who wants to wear a maid dress when i pee in your mouth?"
by fart69bruh March 26, 2021
Pronouns that cis-het people put into their bios to mask the fact that they have a raging pisskink. Even if they say they don’t, they do.
“yea my pronouns are nor/mal haha”
oh so you have a piss kink
by dollscreech May 31, 2021
1. pronouns used by twinks to hide their gayness

2. pronouns used by gay men as a secret code to other gay men
what are your pronouns?
me too!
*has gay sex*
by molding_piss June 29, 2021
A set of pronouns used mainly by gay men with a piss kink. If you see someone with these pronouns in their bio, show them some support!
Jack: *has nor/mal in bio*
Ellie: I support nor and all of nor's kinks!
by sexyfroglover101 March 9, 2021
normally used by transphobes who don’t know what pronouns are and that they also have pronouns. The people that use this deny basic biology and have no clue that there are more than two sexes and gender is a social construct. the use this because they have the IQ of a screen protector.
kyle: my pronouns are nor/mal✝️
everyone else: okay how would you like us to use that in a sentence?
kyle: no i’m literally normal, like straight.
everyone else: pronouns have nothing to do with being straight. if you don’t know how english and biology works just say that. at the end of the day science disproves your beliefs and that’s that.
by Hailey_girl2005 February 25, 2021
“pronouns” used by social rejects who have a terrible relationship with their parents.

“nor/mal” is also a mockery of pronouns (ex: she/her, he/him, they/them)
:what are your pronouns?
:haha im nor/mal and so funny
:wow your dick must be small
by lepoopmaster April 5, 2021
neopronouns "nor/mal" are used by homosexual individuals who have a pisskink
a: hey, what are your pronouns?
b: 'nor/mal'
a: oh, congrats for coming out as a homosexual person who has a pisskink, I'll inform our co-workers about your new pronouns!

a: hey, b uses nor/mal pronouns which means that nor is gay and likes to be peed on during sexual intercourse by mal partner
c: ok, thanks for informing me about mal pronouns!
by your avocado April 6, 2021