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Noorie is one sexy Biaaaaaaatch!
1) Noorie is one sexy Biaaaaaaatch
2)Im Sucha Noorie!
by noorie July 22, 2004
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A very whorish person, usually obsessed with fathers not their own.

See also: rhundy
"That girl is being such a Noor. She keeps hitting on my dad!"
by Hinna April 12, 2005
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She's really sweet when u slide into a convo with her but she can be pretty defensive if it comes down to it. She acts so dumb sometimes its enjoyable and funny. Shes someone you want on your side and not the other way around. Shes pretty smart though, and she isnt someone you wanna lose in life. You wont meet anyone else like her. Want revenge on someone? CALL HER AND SHE WILL GET THE JOB DONE. Maybe she'll even deny this if you talk to her about it, but deep down she isn't all black hearted.
If you cant find Noorie you can bet that she'll be with her best friend. Such a bean.
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