A street gang from the North Side of Rossum, a little town in Twente (Netherlands). The gangmembers are famous for their handshake that they took from the movie "the little rascals" (hand waving under their chin), and their lack of morals.
Dont fuck with me holmes, dont you know I belong to Rozzum-Noord Massive?
Noob+Tard in one word. Someone who is the opposite of skilled and intelligent. Blames others for own mistakes.
Jack is such a noord. He has tried to play Dark Souls for five hours already and still doesn't understand the game mechanics. That button mashing fool.
by XeOmAlOm March 24, 2017
The coolest place on earth, in it lies the most famous of Delft.
'Country roads, take me home,
To the place I belong,
Delft Noord!'
by Smegmed November 22, 2021