Delft the city of William of Orange. It is nice! Home to the best Architectural school in the world!
Milan: Lets go party in Delft.
Andreas: It will me HOT.
Tim: Not!
by Andreas of Orange March 28, 2009
To create an undesirable situation through ignorance or incompetence. Mostly used as a verb to denote a stupid action or chain of events but, it can also be used as a noun. The tense of the word does not change with its use.
1. I was riding my bike and totally delft when I hit the curb.
2. Mr. Richards is such a delft giving us a pop quiz on Friday.
by RubberDucky989 September 8, 2010
(bijv. naamwoord, bijwoord)

1. geen sociaal besef, zich asociaal gedragen zonder rekening te houden met anderen

De TU Delft trekt veel lieden zonder sociaal besef aan. Men gedraagd zich asociaal omdat men (1) geen sociaal besef heeft vanwege nerd of (2) geen rekening houdt met anderen.
Persoon A zet speakers luid aan terwijl persoon B reeds muziek aan het luisteren is.

B tegen A: "Lekker Delfts hoor"
by deinke October 27, 2016
Not to be outdone by the Americans' Boston Pancake & Alaskan Pipelines, Holland has it's own manners of defacating on a woman.

Delft Stroopwaffles involves two girls crapping on the breast of a third girl.

A guy then sits on her breasts and masturbates till he starts climaxing, at which point he crouches up and ejaculates on the breasts. He then sits back down and closes up the waffles. Nice and thin and creamy!!
"Holy sh*t, check out Owen & co. giving that girl some Delft Stroopwaffles!!"
"Hey guys I'm bored, wanna give me some Delft Stroopwaffles??"
by Dirty Baxt June 29, 2009
The coolest place on earth, in it lies the most famous of Delft.
'Country roads, take me home,
To the place I belong,
Delft Noord!'
by Smegmed November 22, 2021