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A stupid or silly person. A knuckle headed and childish person. Usually accompanied by the need for instant gratification.
"Ted bought a new car instead of paying for his kids child support, because Ted is a noodle head."
by crackCAT$ May 27, 2009
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An expresion used by young black boys in the hood which is called to men which claim to be their dad but is not their real biological father
"You're not my dad, you crazy a** fu**ing, Noodlehead" As stated in a very popular vine
by noodleheadd January 20, 2015
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Jack Avery, a man band Why Dont We, super hot and cute. He has the noodlest head we have Ever seen. Get their tickets to see their concert NOW. By forcing your parents.
There's the cute Noodle head

-imjackaverymuzic on Instagram
by Imjackaverymuzic April 24, 2019
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A gay person that enjoys yelling the word "daddy" at the top of his lungs.

This phrase started at a Drake concert when he called his dj a noodlehead for playing the wrong song.
by Samsuglyfatchode69 October 03, 2016
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A person who is acting goofy, looks goofy or something is out of sorts with that person in that moment in time.
Guy: Do you want to go out tonight.
Girl: I'd rather stay in. I look like a noodlehead right now.
by Ilovebville August 01, 2017
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When one is not pleased with their physical apperence .
Man: Can I come in the bedroom now?
Woman: No not yet I look like a noodlehead
by Ilovebville July 24, 2017
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