The lord of all noobs. Nooblar is the biggest insult in the computer gaming world. One who is a nooblar should be avoided at all cost.
-What do you mean you don't know how to auto respawn,I dub thee nooblar, Lord of the noobs-
by john doza January 31, 2005
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STFU and sit nooblar.
by pfft March 28, 2003
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lengthened form of n00b or newbie
"nooblar alert target aquired locking on deploy mishhsles in 5 4 3 2 1 mishhsion complete target deshhtroyed
by saccoya December 3, 2004
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Unlike regular noobs, who may eventually change their ways after having facts smashed into their brains, a nooblar upholds the way of the noob until the bitter end. Even when the nooblar knows he/she is wrong and pulling a stupid, they will continue because they are too proud (or just stupid) to admit they were being noobs.

Nooblar also applies to the idiot in every game who refers to everyone else as a noob, whether they win, lose, share, or just ignore the nooblar. This is simply the nooblar attempting to recruit more members to noobism.
"You guys are noobs"
"We all just killed you several times in one on one combat"
"I won because you're noobs"
"Shut up nooblar"
by Blue Bomber February 7, 2007
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Which is refered to as a noob that goes prone in battle. Derived from the acient greek word Proneubulus Noobulus, when warriors would laydown and crawl on the battlefeild, because they had nothing better to do than look like idiots. Cause it sure as hell did not save their lives.
Goten is a Prono-Nooblar
by Israfel October 8, 2004
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