means an inexperienced gamer who acts like pro and talks a lot of shit to pro gamer.
noob fuck: "dude how did you kill me?"
pro gamer: "cause you were just standing there like a noob fuck"
by `pFk2. bLoO_- September 23, 2008
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Tracy 296-Fear Warrior-

Fucking noobs
Fear warrior is fucking his dad!

... fucking noob
by Bass~BlueIce February 19, 2005
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1. A young or inexperienced gamer that is a failure.
2. A cocky gamer that sucks at giving comebacks.
3. A term used to show disgust towards a persons failed attempt.

It also can be used as an acronym: NAFT or N.A.F.T.
Noob-Ass Fuck-Tard : "I raped your face that last game!!!"
Person Two: "I rapped you this match BITCH!!!!!"
Noob-Ass Fuck-Tard: "Well I -pause- raped your mom last night!!!"
Person Two: "You Noob-Ass Fuck-Tard...."
by TH Harry H October 2, 2009
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If you are dumb enough to be insulted by noob, then you are a fucking moron too. I want to shoot the motherfucker in the face who came up with noob. All the dumb motherfuckers of the internet world think they are gay when they say it all the time. I say fuck them, and shut the fuck up you stupid bitches.
John says, "im 1337 noob"
Rob pulls out his penis and begins to pummel John with his cock in the best Danza slap ever, and says, "Shut the fuck up you stupid bitch, people who say noob are fucking morons"
by Dirk Dickher March 17, 2005
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