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James is your typical nonkey. He thinks he can get ahead by dressing up in the quasi venerable raiments of the avaricious and grasping white power ego businessman. I suggest he stays true to his own authentic greatness.
by provider44 January 15, 2010
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A slow dim witted person. Someone who loves to think dey annoy other ppl but in reality only tire themselves out in a rather futile attempt to annoy some one else. The origins of dis word derive from a mixture of monkey, donkey, n nigga. It is up to the person to decide wat form he or she chooses. Based upon wat da person looks like, either a donkey or a monkey, u call dat person a nonkey!!!!
Ishan u look like a monkey! n yous my nigga! hmmm u r a nonkey!

Will u remind me of a donkey, so den u def. must be a nonkey!

Roger u look like a monkey n act like a donkey yous def a nonkey!!!!
by RavivaR October 06, 2009
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A Black person who believes that they are white. Originates from the racial terms Nigger and Honkey similar to Wigga.

They are pretending they are white by wearing normal fitting cloths and sensible hair cuts. They don't carry guns and use slang words. They have respectable jobs and the lucky ones have familles (with half cast children which go to school) and a nice house.

They are in denial and have probably faced years of bullying. They like indie music and drive a family car without 27" rims with hydraulics and neons. Often they would live in a peaceful town/village and have only white friends.
Winston (black person) - Good day my nice fellow it is lovely weather i belive i have developed a nice tan today

Mc Heavy PP (Real Nigger) - Yo Fuk U Nonkey uz a black man from tha hood i shud pop a cap in ur ass u mofo.

Winston - I am extremly offened by you please take my wallet and leave me alone.
by Simon!!!! June 25, 2005
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