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A noname is an insult meaning somebody is unknown, as in nobody knows them. commonly used by nonames themselves.
by t_mold March 11, 2018
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No Name is a person who is unwanted or not accepted.
A target is an object of difference or criticism.
Society doesn't want you to be different.
I consider myself a No Name because of society.

Look, they're No Namers!
by Kiiiwiii9 March 23, 2019
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No Name is one of the names used for the energy drink that was formerly known as Cocaine. The drink has a very high caffeine content at about 33 mg/fl oz or 1120 mg/L (compared to Monster at 10 and 340 respectively and Red Bull at 9.6 and 321 respectively).

After consumer advocate groups spoke out against the name of the drink they pulled the drink from public sale and renamed it. It has also gone by "Insert Name Here" among others.
Doctor: I'm diagnosing you with ADHD.
Patient: No, I don't have ADHD! I just chugged 2 No Names before I came here!
by Sid Barrett April 01, 2008
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A quality Italian trattoria in New York City that has no name.
Jason: Heath, where do you want to go to lunch?

Heath: No Name.

Jason: Do you ever go anywhere else?

Heath: Absolutely not.
by gpc March 11, 2008
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A person whose parents dont care enough to name them.
HA! Look at that noname overthere!
by Matt May 30, 2004
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1: The username of someone who lives in Medford Lakes. This person has a way of being so unbelievably mean on to people it is absolutely infuriating. This disgusting piece of filth has no curse words to describe it, though my friends would say other things. Some people didn't even deserve such foul ridicule this person gave on this site, but even if some did, others were my friends.
2: A person who has no label, goes by nothing, waits to be named or does not wish to be identified.
1: undercover dirt spreader, betrayer
2: anonymous, nameless
by anonymously inactive April 18, 2005
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