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she was on the the rag so i got a non dairy creamer
by daymn March 05, 2004
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the act of making jizz McCum... when you feel the urge to splurge and pop one off, when you do the big M and make Semen A.k.A non-dairy creamer...
Creamer= jizz
Non-Dairy= cuz it doesnt taste like milk.. trust me..
Johhny made some non-dairy creamer in his pants..
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The act of jizzing into a milky drink that you are preparing for a friend or partner, and then watching them drink it.
Dude 1: Is it me or does my latte taste of the ocean?
Dude 2: Are you sure you didn't ask for non-dairy creamer?
Dude 1: Fuck, better get tested.
by LivingThrowaway July 19, 2015
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