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Meaning Yes/Sure/Okay

The pseudo-equivalent of yesn't
Casey: You wanna go out tonight?
Jack: Non't
by KSqoosh June 15, 2018
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A word that means yes, the opposite of Yesn't
John :Hey sign this petition to change the word yes in the English language to Non't.

Jeff: Non't
by EseptioFTW June 14, 2018
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NONT (Night Observation and Navigation Trial) is a themed SA Branch Rover activity where teams in their vehicle must complete a navigation course at night. Throughout the course teams must identify observation markers, complete a series of navigation puzzles to plot their course and participate in theme-oriented activities located at activity checkpoints. A team's navigational skills, teamwork and initiative are tested and developed throughout this fun and entertaining event.
Me: Hey Wench, you going on NONT?
Wench: Yeah sure! I'm so dressing up in my nurses outfit!
by JustCameron May 21, 2007
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Non't (or no'nt) is the opposite of no (yes) but in a confusing fashion
-U rarted nigga?

-bitch gimme a bj
via giphy
by @kthx#6475 September 09, 2018
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A normally used English Slang to sum up a person thats a worthless asshole.
Jimmy: Adam was being really annoying today
Bob: Yeah, what a nont.
by freeee.willy August 09, 2009
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