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synonym - The Chief, Big Brother, Noel, etc.

Britain's revolutionary singer/songwriter/guitarist of the 90s. His contributions have brought the musical depression of England back on its feet. His gift for melody and appreciation for musical values has already made him a rock n' roll legend in the pages britain's finest.
by The Swamp Song February 6, 2004
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one of the most talented blokes in history.oasis are the best unlike some bands i could mention!(slipknot,korn,etc).he deserves a medal sir noel gallagher it has a ring to it.
by sam dude November 25, 2003
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Simply the most talented, charming, attractive man in the history of British rock.
by Jennifer October 6, 2003
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Living Legend lead guitarist of Oasis funny guy and wrote some of the best songs ever
All we know is that we don't know - Noel Gallagher
by IamLegend123 January 25, 2008
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fucking when he plays guitar *drool* bit of a twat though :-(

stop trying to do a noel gallagher haircut u retard!
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