"Not our class dear."

Middle and upper class British put-down saying to describe those perceived to be of lesser social standing. Most popular post World War II and the fifties but stll comprehensively used today by those of that generation.
On observing a social faux pas or observing an ineloquent individual would say nocd in a (usually) quiet "behind the hand" way to one's companion.
by sheeper370 November 19, 2010
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Not Our Class Darling
mary: wow, look those biker guys are seriously giving us the eye!
Kim: No Way! they're NOCD!
by Kim Pretorius April 15, 2008
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Not Our Class, Dear. What your Mother says to you under her breath when you bring home a slut for dinner. N-O-K-D (Not Our Kind, Dear) is also heard.
Peter: This is Kelly Camble, Mom, I met her at the train station.

Mom: How Nice to meet you, Kelly!

Kelly: What you say?

Mom (under her breath): NOCD, (grunt sounds)
by ALEXfromExeter July 26, 2005
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"No-OCD"... as in not having OCD. This is an app to help people who have OCD improve their lives and get better.
The nOCD app drastically helped to reduce my OCD symptoms.
by guygirl987 August 19, 2017
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