1. Verb (to no dome, the act of no doming): to fuck with out a condom
Q - "Hey bro, you fuck that girl last night?" A - "Ya bro, no domed that broad, fulltime."
by thereags February 27, 2011
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the baddest band in the land, stems from 3 angry young men who had their dome taken away from them.
"those no dome guys rock the hizzouse"
by SFG July 14, 2004
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The state of feeling the "high" that is achieved when large amounts of nicotine are ingested, usually by use of products other than cigarettes.
Yo, can I get a few juul rips next break? I'm tryna get domed before 5th period.
by AlexanderFortunato September 14, 2017
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to the dome, literally translates "to the head" dome meaning head.
"he took shots to the dome"
"he took a whole bottle of rum to the dome"
by Bizil July 26, 2005
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Man, I went around that corner and straight up domed that guy right between the eyes.
by kyle February 10, 2005
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smoking an amount of weed to yourself that would usually be consumed by more than 1 person.
Why're you so high? I sat at home all day doming blunts.
by Madie Daddy April 27, 2010
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