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Usually means No lie. Someone usually uses this after saying an unbelievable statement or asking a serious question.
Kayla: How do I look?
Brianna: No cap, you look a mess.
by justanotherpersontrynahelp March 18, 2017
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No cap basically mean that their not lying or capping like they did something.
Sometimes ppl write it like this🙅🏽 ♀️🧢or 🚫🧢 different ways
That food was good no cap
I hit that bit no cap
by Leelee😈 June 08, 2018
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No lie, On God, a definition of telling the truth. Basically no flex.
J: I No cap think that bitch get around bruh
LEVI: Word

Danique: This engagement ring a real deal?

Kentavious: NO mfkn CAP bro!
by StayUpZONE6 February 18, 2018
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It means usually, “for real”, “On God” , “No Flex”. Basically, it is to describe something of exponential magnitude to a person. Normally used to describe jewelry that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, a new rarri you bought off the lot, or something you can obtain with ease and if isn’t nothing to someone like you.
Joey: Damn check the wrist, it’s flooded with VVS diamonds all around rose gold ya feel me.
Simpleton: Damn Joey, you’re a Drip God, no cap!

Tekashi 69: I let my nuts hang...right.
Charlemagne Da God: no cap, I bet you do!
Pusha T: Drake got a bastard son, by a butter face trying to hide him.
Drake: It was “God’s Plan”, no cap!
by TaterTotGod June 11, 2018
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No Lie , On god, a form of telling the truth when someone doesnt believe you
Cristian: Regan no cap you look fine asf
Regan: awww marry me
by CDrizzle23 June 12, 2018
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Means "no caption needed" — in reference to a statement that does not deserve an explanation .
Friend1: When is your dad due to be released from prison?
Friend2: Should be in a year or so, but he deserves to be free NOW, no cap.
Friend1: True
by velnyx June 04, 2018
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