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the command that instructs another party that once they have given you something they cannot change their mind.
steve asked hillary to give him her heart.hillary said 'yes'.steve followed with 'no take backs'.
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When at work or school you spend hours upon hours on a project and present it with excitement, but then it gets shot down or asked to be tweaked to a ridiculous level. Next time you turn in the project you call NO TAKE BACKS!

- Then your boss realizes he/she can't send it back and accepts it.
- Then they realize their GIVE BACKS were dumb and learn that the first project was great and they were just being a douche.

Win. WIn.
E-Mail 1: "Sir, here is the PDF of the ad I finished up."

E-Mail 2: "David, This is (boss) I can't seem to print the edges. Could you go back and bring the font size down and more to the center, then take the background and bring it up a smidge, then add some color. That's it. Looks good besides that!"


E-Mail 1: "Sir, here is the PDF of the ad I finished up. NO TAKE BACKS!"

E-Mail 4: David, This is (boss) I need some things changed in the add but since you called "NO TAKE BACKS" I will just go with it. It's actually really good. Great job!
by Jsanctuary13 April 28, 2011
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