it means you should prob just off a bridge and correct all of your mistakes.
by news rev February 12, 2018
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A sense of regret from knowledge of missing out.

Unlike FOMO where one as fears that they might miss out, with KOMO one knows that they are missing out.

Also see KOHMO
Nathan and Faith know that Oktoberfest is amazing every year, but they will be missing it this year. They have KOMO.
by AARON Kohmo July 19, 2019
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Knowledge Of Missing Out, even worse than FOMO
Everyone's posting skiing holiday pictures and now I have KOMO
by Nic3141 January 28, 2019
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a king-sized sumo wrestler
he is such a komo!!
by liz November 10, 2003
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Classic chit chat on the balkoni.
As things went worse, we immediately gathered for a komo.
by aliartos October 2, 2018
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