great band they had simplicity in their music and didnt need and computerized crap like linkin park and limp bizkit. Nirvana and other seatlle grunge bands gave us a few years of good music and then it gradually turned to mainstream stuff which is all about looks and who appears the most "ghetto"
by mark September 07, 2003
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THE grunge band. The band that broke the scene wide open, and placed it into the mainstream. The band that made grunge a place for all of the misfit kids (punks, goths, stoners, etc.) to go, and could relate to the lyrics. The band that said "Fuck you" to the norm, and officially put an end to the 80s.
Although Nirvana only lasted for seven years, their legacy will remain forever.
by VitalyKimiSebNirvana May 06, 2012
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A highly overrated band, that became famous in 1991 with their highly overplayed song, "Smells Like Teen Spirit."
Nirvana is not as good as everyone thinks.
by MissBenjette July 15, 2004
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Nirvana is to grunge as Bob Marley is to reggae
Nirvana was the greastest grunge band ever. greater than pearl jam and soundgarden will ever be if they were combined
by Just Shut Up March 07, 2009
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Nirvana was a very popular band. They specialized in Grunge rock, with Kurt Cobain on vocals. Kurt Cobain formed the band when he was a teen, where he found himself sleeping under a bridge most of his nights. It was under that bridge the first Nirvana songs where born.
Nirvana wrote several popular songs. After Kurts suicide, the other band members formed "The Foo Fighters."
With the lights out
It's less dangeous
here we are now
entertain us

by Rev March 12, 2005
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Grunge band from Arberdeen, WA made up by Kurt Cobain (guitar/vocals) Novoselic (bass), and Dave Ghrol (drums). Chad Channing played drums for the first album Bleach but left. Nirvana brought grunge out of Washington, thus killing the mainstream like of metal.

Nirvana is most known for the song "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and the album Nevermind. FYI, both of these songs sucked, a lot. Most people do not know what Nirvana is, they probably only know what plays on KROQ, most likely Teen Spirit, All Apologies, Polly, Heart Shaped Box, and Come as You Are. These are terrible songs. Listen to the albums Bleach, Incesticide, In Utero, and the With the Lights out Collection. They are way better than what you hear on the radio.

The band ended in 1994 due to Kurt Cobain's death. Most people, often haters and stupid people, say Kurt Cobain was stupid and killed himself. But, he had 1.52mg per liter of heroin in his blood when he was dead, 3 times the amount to kill even the strongest addicts. That would have instantly incapacitated or killed Kurt. He could not have pulled the trigger. So shut the fuck up all you people who say he killed himself, its impossible. And if you didn't know, at the time, forensics was not as good as it is now, and a sloppy job was done on his investigation. Also, Courtney Love tried to have the man who re-opened the Cobain case fired, oh gee I wonder why.

Nirvana was the best grunge band to exist, and they, alone, killed metal. Unfortunately, after grunge died, music changed to Blink style bands, then AAR bands, then to emo and xcore crap.
Someone please be inspired by Nirvana's less heard albums, then go play grunge music and bring the world out of this sad, pathetic attempt to immitate rock. Xcore needs to be banned, but that can't happen due to the gay ass ammendments, so please please, somebody stop this bullshit going on.
by Bryan Hunt January 13, 2007
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the worst band ever.

fronted by a cunt who cant sing and more imporanyly cant play guitar for shit. features one of the most overrated drummers (who also cant sing for shit) and a bassist who no one gives a shit about.

famous for the most overplayed, shittiest, gayest song ever, Smells Like Teen Spirit. Nirvana changed rock n roll for the worse. all the shitty nu metal (fake metal) and pop puke and alternative bands all took inspiration in both music and lyrics from this faggy band. they are also the reason why emos are so common.

they are also severely overrated. they are not and were NEVER the best band of the 90s or the greatest shit since the beatles. they werent!! they killed hair metal (the best musical genre) and were proud of it. their songs are overplayed and the three muskaqueers are all overrated- they actually suck at their instruments. the hair bands didnt! they actually had fucking talent, something that people today frown upon for some gay reason. deep depresing lyrics does not make you cool!

metal was living its greatest decade until this fag came along and sucked MTV's dick. MTV then turned on the hair bands after all they did and fucked themselves up for the worse. MTV sucked from then on until the present day.
NIRVANA FUCKING SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!! hair metal lives on forever, grunge is gay talentless and DEAD!!! rot in hell, cobain. stop being a faggot, dave grohl.

Nirvana ruined music. end of story

whether you fags like it or not, kurt was emo. he might not have cut himself like a gay fuck, but he sang depressing shit like an emo faggot would do and plays super-simplicit guitar like an emo faggot would. and i praise the lord everyday that he is dead. emos all want to have his imaginary cock in their manginas.
by shadesgordon February 02, 2011
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