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a nordic/aryan (predominantly norwegian descent) hippie, drug addicted, nazi.

"nir" and "desh" are swedish prefixes and suffixes put together.

swedish descent person who is actually of darker skin and hair due to turning to the dark side. that's why nirdeshs are darth-swedes.
*at party*

girl 1: jesus, who's that brown lookin' hippie. His eyes are more glazed than a fuckin krispy creme donut.

guy 1: motherfuck nirdesh, thats the darkest lookin scandinavian i've seen... still our race though... lord shiva, is that a kilo of coke?

girl 1: he's kinda cute, i'd do him

guy 1: yeah cause you're a slut. we're over.
by flobot234 August 17, 2010
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a nirdesh has brown/tanned skin but has european features and is overall european looking. Also has an owen wilson kind of nose, intelligent in studying, slightly naturally athletic, is arrogant beyond belief and is most importantly a drug addict..

nirdesh are douchebags overall, but attractive for some reason.
guy 1: man, are you blazed right now?

nirdesh: dude, we're about to write our math midterm, of course not.

guy 1: you're prob. gonna ace it eh.

nirdesh: uh, yes.
by jabawocka8 September 30, 2010
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Someone who overconsumes the chronic. (AKA one who smokes too much weed)
guy 1: dude, i heard i got a lapdance by a mediocre chick last night!.. but i don't remember it?

guy 2: you're such a nirdesh motherfucker
by nigel BOSWELL1 June 14, 2010
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1. To do something cool
2. To Dash (desh) near (nir) something.
3. To suddenly let something become funny.
Dude, that guy just nirdeshed by helping that guy up after he fell.

"The pot was about to fall, so Sebastian nirdeshed to it and saved it."

The prof told him to shut up, Travis nirdeshed it by punching HIS FACE!
by Nigel Boswell April 26, 2007
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Someone who is a bit too laid back. Someone who uses hippie language to communicate his thoughts.
Teacher: Why is Holden Caulfield such a depressed man?

Nirdesher: Dude, it's because the guy hasn't got some and keeps runnin' away when he gets the chance. You feel my drift brah?

Class: Yeah, he totally nirdeshed that one, haha.
by nigelboswell May 03, 2007
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