The abbreviation of 'nice one'. It rhymes with the 'boing' cartoon sound of a spring, or also possibly the cartoon sound of someone getting a boner.
a: My girl broke up with me yesterday...
b: That's too bad..
a: But her sister called me right after and asked me out!
b: Nione!
by vane-san March 2, 2007
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John Settino; elite h4x0r; php mastah; teh s3x
jea, ph34r nion.
by Nion October 22, 2003
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A gas used to create a luminous light display, but misspelled; hax; angst;newb;juggalette;own3d by sejje
Look at nion grovel at sejje's feet.
by sejje December 12, 2003
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An amazing word made by John, that at first started out as a misspelled word, but it was MORE TRHEN jbascbjkhaskahasdghjhjsdjxhasdxnjasdxnhasxcasjksddjknionnioninonoinooonnoiinoino
John est un nion!
by anionoxyde de carbone October 22, 2020
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