Coined by WordOfGod of Winnipeg,Manitoba.

A substitute term for "nigga" allowing both the black and white community to indulge in activities together without awkwardly avoiding the term "nigga" such as rapping Dr.Dre songs.
Ain't nuthin' but a "G" thang, baaaaabay!

Two loc'ed out ninjas so we're craaaaazay!
by Word.Of.God April 18, 2010
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Someone with KICK-ASS moves. They are practically impossible to see.
Guy 1: What was that?
Guy 2: Could be a ninja.

by MagicalNarwhal August 21, 2011
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when one is high and in his love for ninja calls shit that is cool this adjective.
yo that dig was ninja!
I no man it was so unpuppy!
by tepdoes October 22, 2008
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to ninja: to chop a person in the back of the neck while open and there is no truce in affect. Or possible if you want to just be an ass whole or they are being a bitch you can breack truce. it is not a ninja if you hit there shoulder, head or face. there is a code for what u can do or how you can ninja someome. If u r truced w/someone u have to tell them when someone is gonna ninja them. if you have a truce with someone that is about to get ninja-ed and the person that is gonna ninja them you have to stay out of it and not say anything. you are basically nuetral.

-basic ninja:chop to back of neck

-sledge ninja: put both hands together as if you were praying then NINJA!

-Scissor Ninja: Ninja someone on the both sides of someones neck at the same time with both of your hands.
jesse:Dude Carlos is fuckkin open, u should get him charles
charles:ok (ninja)
Hugo:damn carlos u got fuckkin ninjed ur lucky it wasn't a sledge or scissor
carlos:damn i must be a bitch and im irrational
by Milk-ninja May 28, 2009
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